There simply were no problems – only solutions!

“Lovely to work with a company where the person coming round to assess the work and give you a quote is also the person who you then deal directly with through the whole process and who even does a lot of the work! I cannot express enough how much hassle and stress this removes from the process!

We only wanted to redo the bathroom floor (including shower floor). Whilst this is a bit trickier than ripping out the whole bathroom and starting all over, Paul was happy to do this as he was really interested in our choice of shower tray (form Ambience Bain).

I had some (perhaps unconventional) ideas which could solve some problems we had with the previous bathroom design. Paul was quite happy to discuss these with me and help find the best solution, There simply were no problems – only solutions! Great attitude to have!

After some hiccups along the way (none of which were down to PGI Bathrooms) we now have a lovely guest bathroom. We are so happy we have decided to proceed with the same work for our ensuite and family bathrooms.”

Mrs Dignam